FREE Guide: For Better Back Care
FREE Guide: For Better Back Care
Discover How To Improve Your Back Mobility, Flexibility & Posture
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Following this simple plan will:
  • Give you easy exercises to help improve back pain, achy hips, stiff joints, and hunched over desk posture.  
  • Help you get flexibility back in your body (that you may have lost after an injury, rehabilitation, a health problem, or being inactive for a long period of time.) 
  • ​Show you a "time efficient" way to boost energy and become more flexible and mobile that fits in with your busy lifestyle.
  • ​Allow you to spend more ME time doing the things you enjoy.
And more!
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Improving Your Back Health With This FREE Guide is THE MOST VALUABLE THING IN THE WORLD.

About The Creators of the "The Better Back Care Guide For Busy Professionals"
Clare Louise Freeman was tackling her own journey through better health when she suffered a back injury in her early 20’s.

This catalyst helped her make the decision to personally train in mind-body types of exercise like yoga, pilates & tai chi & massage whilst she continued to enjoy trekking, running & doing triathlons.

After training as a Pilates Instructor she decided to go back to University & study a BSc in Exercise & Health Science & wrote her dissertation in exercise & mental health.

She trained as a CHEK exercise holistic coach and was working in several gym & spa facilities around Gloucestershire.

Then she landed a job with Cotswold District Council who kindly encouraged her to go on a scientifically evidence based course called Laterlife, where she specifically learnt to deliver exercise appropriate for people in their 50’s, 60’s & 70’s. 

She was fortunate to work alongside some of the physio’s based in the North of the Cotswolds during this role. 

Clare was keen to set up her own business & founded Zigs Exercise.

She is now known as the Cotswolds most experienced Laterlife personal health trainer.

She is based in Cheltenham with her husband Gary & 2 Children.

After attending a business retreat, they made the decision to build their own cabin style mind-body studio to support the juggle of business & family life.

Zigs has a unique friendly team vibe & works really well for people who might feel intimidated by a large commercial gym full of young fit people.

They are passionate about working with people struggling with aches, pains & stiffness as well as people who might already be fairly active but need accountability on getting their flexibility, strength & core training done whilst juggling their busy lives.
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